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     My pen name is JonellaBâ„¢ and I am a 40+ year old Barbadian living in New York City. I have been writing romantic stories from the age of fifteen. Yet, I still do not know why it took me so foolishly long to publish my manuscripts, but I am doing so now. . . One novel at a time! Yes, I have completed (55) fifty-five manuscripts so far. . . and still counting, LOL.

     Each one of my romance novels either consist of a Sci-Fi or Fantasy or Paranormal theme. I truly love to write, and will continue to do so for as long as I can breathe. I am also a single, young fashion designer with no kids and does not smoke or drink. I am respectful to others and wish for them to return the same behaviour to me. I have become an addict to blogging over these past, few months and I am looking forward with much interest to having as many online friends as possible. Thank You for visiting my blog!

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Name: JonellaBâ„¢

Location: New York & Barbados.

  • Racism and Discrimination
  • People who thinks they are better than others
  • War
  • Fake Persons (pretenders/liars)
  • Bugs
  • Winter
  • Persons who steal other people's ideas.