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Saturday, May 24th 2014

6:50 PM








         I AM BACK!  

      My Friends,
    The reason why you did not see this blog for the past few days, was due to a misunderstanding caused by a troublesome visitor(an idiot) to this blog.   After taking a tiny break from blogging, I eventually tried to log back into my Bravenet account, only to realize that it was suspended.   With great concern, I contacted Bravenet immediately, and was told of the situation, which was no fault of my own.   Bravenet apologized for the inconvenience, and the problem was removed from my blog.   My account was then returned to me quickly. . . Thank you, Bravenet!
      I have been blogging for many years, and still do not understand why people would go out of their way and use their God-given energy to harm or cause trouble to others online for no reason.   This idiot who had caused my account to be suspended is a total stranger to me, but yet, I know that this is how the world really is today. . .   Unfortunately, a lot of evil people in this world, sits down in front their computers inside the darkness of their homes, and does harm to others on the internet for fun. . .   This is why we must try to be careful of online predators at all times!

May God help us all!

© 2014





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