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Monday, October 1st 2012

6:50 PM

The CD is commerically 30 years old today!





Hi Everybody!
      I am still trying to figure out why some people are saying that today is the 30th birthday of the CD.
      As far as I understand, back in the year of 1974 a huge project started from within the audio industry group at Philips in the Netherlands. They had developed an optical audio disc with superior sound to that of the vinyl format.
      Three years later in 1977, the Phillips company established a lab with the sole mission of building their CDs and players... CD is short for the ‘Compact Disc.’
      A year before in September 1976, Sony, another electronics company, had also been working on CDs. However, both Sony and Phillips would eventually partner for the commercial launch in 1982... making huge history!
      The true acknowledgement, great interest, and curiosity from public towards the CD aka the Compact Disc finally came to light on October 1 1982. When the composer, pianist and singer-songwriter named Billy Joel, came out with his sixth studio album, 52nd Street, which was launched initially in 1978. This time around, Joel's 52nd Street album came out as the first commerically released CD album, which made some folks agreed suggested that the ‘Compact Disc’ being 30 years old today!
      However, we all know that the road to launching the CD aka the ‘Compact Disc’ began long before 1982, so the CD may actually be 38 years old!   Only God knows the truth!


Year 2012




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